Thursday, September 15, 2011

RRB Ahmedabad Placement Paper

The paper has quite easy subjects:
1.) Terminal colours of Rainbow?
a: Violet&Red
a: Indira Gandhi
b: Sarogini naidu etc
3.) First Nuclear plant in INDIA is situated in
a: Bombay
b: Nellore etc
4.) 2 capacitances are in parallel gives 6 micro farad & in series gives 25 what will be the value of individual capacitance.
5.) Who invented THERMOMETER?
ANS: Farenheit
6.) Electrostatic potential is a Scalar Quantity or Vector Quantity?
7.) Among values 1 to100 Probability of occurance of numbers ending with 9 is?
a:1/10 b:9/10 c:1 d:0
8.) Si, Ge lie in ….. block of periodic table
a: III b: V c: IVA(ANS) d: IV B
9.) Some eqn was given x=20 sin 157t then calculate frequency
10.) Which Filter is used for passing ONLY HIGH frequency
a: LADDER b. crystal
11.) In Zener breakdown is proportional to
Ans -ive coefficient of temperature
12.) If water is heated from 0degree to 10 degree effect on volume
a: increase steadily
b: remain same
c: decrease steadily
13.) If we dig EARTH FROM North to South pole and a stone is dropped in it then efffect on its velocity
a: increase continously
b: First increase and become Zero in center
c. It Will Start Oscillate
14.) Dandi march was related to ……..
a: Salt b: Sugar etc
15.) Radiation pattern of loop antenna
a: cardioid b. semicircular c. circle d. none
16.) DENMARK lie in which continent
17.) Cooks island is situated in which continent?
18.) Range of AM Signal?
19.) In an Electrolyte if rod is immersed then mass on rod will be proportional to
a: current passed in it
20.) largest unit in energy
21.) spelling check of SATELLITE
22.) plural of “DIBIYA” IN HINDI
23.) Sarvnam chatiye
24.) RADDISH is a
a: modified root
b: bulb
c; stem
25.) X Rays are ….. Rays
Ans emw
26.) ass:bray::sheep BLEAT
27.) In Hindi Pehle Janma (AGRAJ, ARGAJA/AAGRAJETC)
28.) Lord Shankar is related to originaetor of …. river
29.) ………is also called JALDHAR
30) fsk is used in
a: telegraphy
b: telephony
c: radio transmission etc

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