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TCS Placement Paper: 08-Sep-2011


It had 35 questions in 80 min. there was negative marking which was 1/3rd
The pattern was the same as previous years. Don’t try to mug up the solutions.becoz questions data was changed.all questions were repeated and trust me all students were selected for next round because everyone attempted 30+ questions.
After clearing aptitude test, There were three rounds:
  • Technical Round
  • Managerial Round
  • HR Round
There is no compulsion that everyone need to face all three depends on interviewers they can call u for 2 or 3 or even for 4 rounds. I faced only two rounds and got selected.
I am sharing my experience in technical and HR round.


Q1. Tell me about yourself
Q2. What is your area of interest?
Q3. What is flip-flop and draw any flip-flop gate design and explain it?
Q4. What is multiplexer and what is thyristor?
Q5. What is the difference b/w 8085 and 8086 microprocessor?
Q6. What is difference between C and java?
Q7. What is inheritance, polymorphism, stack, heap, object, class?
Q8. Write a program to multiply two numbers?
Q9. What is studio. hand condo's in the written program?
Q10. What is the size of integer variable?
Q11. Define Datatype.
Q12. How many byets in 1 MB?
That’s all I remember..u need to go through basics of your subjects and C.

HR round

After 10 min I was called for HR round.
Q1.tell me about yourself.
Q2.whats your strength?
Q3.what is your weekness?
Q4.Whar r u doing to eliminate your weekness?
Q5. What was your rank in uptu and why is there a one year gap after 12th?
Q6.What is your intermediate percentage?
Q7. Do u have any backlog?
Q8. Do u think English speaking is your problem?
Q9. Do u read newspaper?
Q10.Why did u not applied for CSE?
Q11. Which group publish it?
Q12. R u mobile?
Q13.Do u know about the bond?
Q14.Do u know about bond check?
Company Name: TCS
No of Rounds:
 Aptitude Test
Exam/Interview Date: 08-Sep-2011

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