Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Yahoo Interview

1) There is a n x n grid of 1's and 0's. Find the i , where i is the row
containing all 1's and all 0's(except the intersection point). Should do
it in less than 25 comparisons
2) Use 2 stacks to implement a queue. Followed up with making the
access to the Data structure concurrently.

3) C++ question was good, implement a c++ class such that it allows us
to add data members at runtime.

4)Implement a transaction manager in a database server. The discussion
involved a lot of stuff about transaction logs.

5) How do you tune an application. Creating indexes.

6) Some SQL performance tuning questions on creating indexes.

7) can you write a foo() in c? If so how can u do it?

8) vector implementation questions.

9) Almost everyone asked about my language.(except ppl who attended my talk).

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