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2011 Syntel technical interview questions

  • A structure was given and it contained normal data as well as some bit-wise data.You had to find the total size taken up by the structure
  • A big code with lots of pointers. There was a struct which contained 2 arrays. Then an array of that structure was declared. The code used these structures and you had to find the values of a variable ‘j’ at various points inside the code
  • A code which had some declarations of some data items. There were a couple of normal data items(char,int..) and some pointers as well and a malloc call. You have to find the total memory taken up in the stack(Hint:Pointers and all are allocated in heap, not in stack, so dont count them).Also in most of these questions, they were specifying that the OS was 32 bit
  • A question on nesting of pointers. There was this pointer to a function which returned an array of char pointers…..You had to give the exact definition of the function
  • Value of 2 particular variables in C(MAXINT and some other constant)
  • What do you need to do to open more than 10 files simultaneously in Microsoft Operating System? -change stdio.h/change CONFIG.SYS/compiler dependent
  • A question on Macro( consisted of something like CTRL&037)
  • Another question on Macro expansion
  • Yet another question on Macro expansion
  • UNIX question on ‘who’ output and then doing some other operation and then asking you whats the output.
  • UNIX question on ‘awd’ operation.
  • what are the customization u have done in sap mm
  • what is the smart identification techniqu?what r the different mechanisums used in it?
  • what are the different kinds of frameworks in automation?
  • what is On Error Resume Next ?
  • when to start the automation?
  • what is verification & validation?
  • what is the differance between functionality and functional testing?
  • what is soc7 abend?how u can trace it?
  • write sql query to remove null value following table id name 101 dinesh null jyothi null bharathi 102 suresh null shilpha 103 prakesh null suma i want the output id name 101 dinesh 102 suresh 103 prakesh
  • write a query to remove null value follwing table? col1 col2 col3 dinesh null null null suresh null null null prakesh i want the output col1 col2 col3 dinesh suresh prakesh
  • how do display only hidden files in unix?
  • how to find multiple string?
  • what are difference between c and c++?
  • Graphics:Painters algorithm is used for………..
  • Graphics:Why is ‘Lighting’ operations done on World Coordinates?
  • Graphics:One more question
  • Some question on C External Variables.
  • How can you call a function written in FORTRAN from a C program ?
  • Normal question on pointer addition
  • Another question on pointer addition
  • There was a circle.A square of max size was cut from it.From this square,a circle of max size was cut.What was the ratio of this final size w.r.t initial size?
  • A runs 3/4th faster than B.One of them was placed some metres ahead.How far should the finishing post be placed so that both of them finish at the same time?
  • Longest time one has to wait for next birthday?(366/365/4 years/8years)
  • Next no: in the seq: 7,11,__,19,23

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