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Accenture Paper : 24 February 2010

Accenture - High Performance, Delivered .
This is completely my experience:
Accenture Selection Procedure:

Round 1. Aptitude Round: As everyone says that aptitude round will be very easy in Accenture, I don't agree completely, i would rather say u have to pay attention .The patter is similar from many years , but the quality of questions is matters that's all.

Pattern : 
Section 1: 
Q1-Q5 = articles ,
Q6-Q10 = nearest meaning like that anything regarding to verbal. 
Q10 -Q20 = two essay will be provided , answer to respective question by looking at the essay.

Section 2: 
Q20-Q40 = simple mathematical questions ( train pro, work, time, date, ranks etc) , 
Q40 - Q50 = alike , like kinds of question, very simple easy to score. 
Q50 -Q55 = inter link questions.

Round 2 : Group Discussion
My topic was "Is IT boon or bane ", this is the first time i participated in GD in entire my career, but i gave a best shot. and i would like to suggest some of my experience.

  • try to be first person to start the discussion, with proper and strong points.
  • with a minute u should analyze who is strong opponent, and try to engage your discussion with those persons and most important is grab their attention towards you and so u will know when they are going to stop and immediately u can catch the opportunity.
  • when some one who is very weak in making a statement and when he is trying to do so, don't interrupt them, listen to them that gets you a + point.
  • Finally u should engage a war on who is more stronger than you not who is weaker than you.
  • Keep the flow clearly and short.
  • High expectation will there and they will select out of 12 around 6 or 7

Round 3: Technical Round

The interviewer asked me " tell me about yourself " then asked in engineering which is your favorite subject,
as i was form ECE so I said Communication Networks, then questions were,
  • what do you know about networks.
  • If I m sitting and want to send a mail to US , then how will communication networks comes into picture.
  • explain each layer of network in more understanding way.
  • what is router.
  • what is network.
  • what is Ethernet.
  • how does Ethernet is different from IP.
  • what will happen after physical layer.
  • how do you choose modulation.
  • what are the modulations do we have.
  • what is wireless how will msg goes if its wireless.
and so on he started to questions, I took like about 40 min to answer all this, in between I was nervous and he asked me to take 2 min rest if I want and then continue. And at the end he asked about the project which I m currently doing in my final sem.

After all this is looked at his watch and asked me, " you accenture is hiring software engg, so what do you know about language ?? " and i continued to say, c,c++,data structure using c++, and i guess it was already reached an hour and he too wanted to winded up so he asked to to write a pseudo code for finding all the prime no in a group of array and display only those prime nos ?? I explain how i start what flow I choose, etc .. "DON'T SIMPLY WRITE THE PROGRAM , Explain while you are writing why Wat for "

Round 4 : H R
My HR was really difficult and very strict person, i understood that earlier as i asked many of their experience who finished their HR round, i knew it, this HR guy is eliminating many , and i shd give my best of best shot. And i was the last guy to HR round, the question were like this.
  • tell me about yourself s.
  • what do you do in free time.
  • what is your hobbies.
  • why you want to be in Accenture.
  • what do you know about Accenture.
  • name some top IT companies.
  • name some top IT persons.
  • Who is role model ,why , how.
  • if some one in the group doesn't work , then Wat will you do.
  • have you represented your self anywhere.
  • have you worked with in a group any time apart from your project.
  • tell me about your project.
  • ok do you want ask me anything and i fired two questions .
Be enthusiastic to answer that will work out everything for you.

After all this round i got placed. Actually it was a pool campus, from our coll around 300 ppl gave the apti test and 48 got selected and later next round GD was in other coll, where from all five colleges 190ppl were their who cleared aptitude test. and in GD they eliminated the most and then in tech round and most in HR and i guess around 52 got selected from all five colleges, and 11 out of them were from our coll and i m one among them.

I wrote this bcoz , some ppl who got selected similar posted their experience which helped me lot in preparation so i thought to explain my exp so that some more will reap the benefits...
Thank you

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