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Accenture Paper - Bangalore - 11 January 2011.

Test date: 17th January, 2011. Bangalore Institute Of Technology
Giving Accenture was nice experience for me,and i was very glad that i was selected and cleared all the rounds.

TEST PATTERN: There was total 55 questions and time allotted was 60 minutes. Question paper consisted of 3 sections namely.

1. English(question based on usages of preposition;sentence correction; and passage)
2. logical ability and simple maths problem,and problem based on ven diagrams and set theory.
3. last was essay writing.the topic given to us was GLOBAL WARMING.maths was dam easy and i suggest practice R.S agarwal,and solve previous year problems.

Almost 370 students sat for this exam and just 23 were shortlisted for and interview round. and i was 1 of the lucky to be get selected. There was 2 interview round.first was technical and second was hr interview.there was no group discussion in our college.
In the Technical round i was very nervous because i was totally unprepared and it was my 1st interview. I suggest you to keep yourself calm and be confident.when i entered the chamber i did same. The interviewer knows about me everything.

Me: may i came in mam
Int: yes vivek, do get in.

I was very nervous
Int: You seems nervous, be calm vivek
then i took a long breathe

Int: She started seeing my resume and marks card,y you have scored very less marks in maths 12th
me:mam i was preparing for iit-jee,so the syllabus was totally different from n cert.

Int: Ohhks,okies tell me 1 thing :i gave u a cake,and that cake was cut into random piece,how will u distribute the remaining piece into 5 equal parts?

Me: I was really dumb at that time, don't knw how to crack this.she gave me 2 minutes,i kept on thinking,then she said change the way u r thinking,then oh god it clicked,i replied cake should be cut in slices,;i.e horizontally.she was impressed
Int: Since I was into electronics stream,she asked can tell me vivek how the call is been made in the cellphone.
me:oh god this seems to be my dream question,this was the thing i was good at wireless communication.i gave the full details of call from mobile to exchange(bts,msc,bcs,bla bla)
i stretched this to 15 minutes

in:she said OK,so what u are doing final year project?

me:since in vtu final year project is decided in 8th sem, i said that clearly.but i said i had done my training in BSNL.
i suggest u all to prepare at lest Ur training or final year project for Ur technical round

in:she asked me what is the diff b/w c and c++,what is stack,what is pointer,tell me algorithm for bubble sort

me:i didn't master all this,yet i replied to her question,making her that i know something.
in:vivek,can you write the c++ program me on palindrome

me:i looked at her,she gave me paper,this was the program me i just saw when i was about to enter for an interview,oh god luck was favoring me today,i just wrote that program me and explained her to the fullest.
interview went around till 35-40 minutes

in:thanks vivek,nice talking to said thank you mam,and came out.

Next was HR round,the person who were shortlisted for technical round were forwarded to HR round.i was 1 of them

My name was called after 30 minutes.
hr:hello vivek
me:good evening mam

hr:vivek,tell me about yourself(this is the common question asked in every interview,so be prepared for it)me:i had good preparation for this question so i replied
hr:what is your strength
me:i replied(plz be sure about your strength and reply properly)

hr:then the same repeated question ,what is your weaknessme:i replied(be sure weakness ,dnt let to the negative)

hr:OK vivek, you are given a situation,where you are in middle,8 people are in Ur opposition,how will you convince them.
me:i tried my best to impress her.

hr:are u a good team leader?
me:yes mam,i have organized many events in collages,i have a gr8 social n/w,i was vice captain of my school blah blah

hr:who is the ceo of accenture
me:william d green(i suggest you to read the full company profile before you go 4 any interview)

hr:are you ready to work in night shifts and anywhere?
me:yes mam

hr:the last and the most important question i was asked was "for how many years do want to join accenture?"
Me: Thought for a while and answered LIFETIME(she laughed and told r u sure,i said yes mam;she said shall i record your voice,yeas mam y not)
Please be very confident when you answer.

She said kindly wait outside for the result. We were waiting out, eagerly waiting for the results. Then the time came,results was announced,out of 23 ,16 was selected till the final round and hurray i was 1 of them.

All the best. Crack out the paper.

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