Monday, November 14, 2011

Syntel Paper : Aptitude - English - 8 January 2011

Hi Friends,

Syntel had introduced a new selection procedure from 2011. It conducted an online exam for the Syntel registered colleges. Students can attend the exam at their own colleges.

The online exam Details
Its an 45 minutes exam with 45 questions.

1)Logical reasoning

17 students were able to get through the exam…I was one among the selected. 
We were asked to attend the interview at Hyderabad (Vardhaman Engg College).

Day of Interview:

We went to the venue by 8 AM and they started interview sessions by 9.30 AM. I was called for interview at 6 PM, mean while they showed us two movies. (3 idiots, pursuit of happiness (questions will be asked on how you spent your day)).
Every panel has two interviewers,

Me: Gd evng sir, mam 

Sir: plz take Ur seat.
Mam: how is ur day?
Me: fine mam. I told abt how I spent time( regarding movies, and other)
Mam: Say something about you!Me: I said for 5min. ( Questions were asked on how u spend leisure time, strengths).
Sir: being an ECE student why r u coming to IT?
Me: Sir I just want to grab the opportunity where ever I go. Due to my knowledge in programming language i feel I am also suited for IT.
Sir: what are Ur areas of interest?Me: digital image possessing, Operating systems. Due to my interest in DIP I am doing my mini and main project in image possessing.
Sir: whats Ur mini project?
Me: said abt my mini project for 3-4min
Sir: what languages do u know?Me; C, Java
Sir: can u write a prog for me?
Me: sure sir. Wrote a prog based on their question.

They asked me some logical questions.
They said thank you, you can leave.

All the best Friends!

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