Monday, November 14, 2011

Syntel Paper Bangalore - 23 January 2011

Rounds we have for this recruitment drive in 2011.

No. of rounds in our case:

1. Aptitude (online)
2. GD
3. Technical
4. HR

Aptitude was very easy.I could not even attempted the whole paper but by God's Grace I was selected.
There were 45 question.

All question were from VERBAL and NON VERBAL REASONING. Not even a single question from Quantitative Section.

Focus was mainly on Blood relations, puzzle test, series R.S Aggarwal is more than enough.

After that we got a mail from College about Syntel.

We were called for other rounds in Galgotia.

First they showed us PPT, after that we have GD round
GD was good but depends on the coordinator.

Then we had Technical round.
Prepare Everything About Your Final Year Project Language, DBMSv(RDBMS)

Easy but you must be technically sound.

After HR
I had a good experience with HR. She was calm. She asked questions like:

  • Introduce yourself
  • Why syntel
  • Toughest situation
  • Family background
Be confident and please don't joke around with them. They are really cool.

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