Monday, November 14, 2011

Syntel Paper Pattern

Syntel Inc. is a globally reputed company. The company provides IT solutions and outsourcing services to many well known companies all over the globe. Syntel is headquartered in Mumbai. The company is well equipped with latest technological tools like ETL, OLAP and many higher end technologies.

The company recruits engineers from many colleges of our country. The selection procedure of the company is described below:

1) Written Test
2) Group Discussion
3) Technical & HR Interview.

1) Written test
It was conducted online. You have to solve 45 questions in 45 minutes. You can’t go back to the previous question. If you don’t know then guess the answer and go to next question. There is no negative marking. Initial questions were very time consuming puzzles. don’t give extra time to any question. Follow the R. S. Agrawal Verbal and Nonverbal Reasoning. All Patterns of questions are given in this book.

2) Group discussion:
It is also an elimination round. Try to correlate topic with different issues. If they give topic “circle” then don’t discuss circle. It is an abstract topic. You can talk about circle of friends and harmony. Show your general awareness don’t sit idle. Be active in GD.

3) Technical & HR interview:
Interviewer aim is not finding very intelligent people. They are seeking people who are confident and know the basics of C/C++, DBMS, Java and mentioned subjects. If you are EC/ME student then also you should have knowledge of C/C++. They don’t compromise with communication skills.

One god thing is that generally the written test does not have negative marking. The verbal questions can be prepared from any GRE guide book and for aptitue and reasoning any good book will do.

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