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Syntel placement paper (Technical-Data Structure)

Syntel placement paper (Technical-Data Structure)

1. The grammar for A, B, S is given below.




possible ans is xy|xy

2. In n*n matrix , there non zero numbers in diagonal and either side of the diagonal. If represented in one dimensional array, assign thevalues which are non zeros.

find relation with i,j iteration and linear array like a[2*(i-1)+j] this the matrix will be

x x 0 0 0 0 --------

x x x 0 0 0 0 -----

0 x x x 0 0 0 ------

0 0 x x x 0 0 -------

0 0 0 x x x 0 0 ----

remumber n*n matrix

3. In-order of the letters is given as below: If written in pre-order like given below: write the post-order:

4. fun(n)

{if(n<=2)return (1); else

return ((fun(n-1)*fun(n-2));}

find the order of complexity of the programme.

answer ---- N(2^n)

6. If a and b are given. write the results of the programme given below.

a=a XOR b;

b=a XOR b;

a= a XOR b;

answer is swaping of a and b

so b, a is answer

7.for a given CMOS the voltage is halved frequency doubled capacitance halved what is the present CMOS power

ans (b)---- dynamic power is 1/2 *C*f*V^2

8.if a row dominated two dimensional array in the following which one is advantage and why?

a) for(i=0;i<1000;i++)



b) for(j=0;j<1000;j++)



9. what is area of a Hexagon with side as 1unit

ans is 3*(sqrt(3))/2

10. If traverse in a chess board right and down from one corner to another corner how many possible ways will be there

ans is C(16,8) or (16!/(8!*8!))

11. Tick the below which can bipartite (graph theory)

1)tree   2)forest of trees   3) even cycle graph   4) odd cycle graph

ans is 1,2,3

12.The fig shown in below is a SRAM (1K* 4 bits) ,how many of this SRAMS are required to design 16K of one byte

Ans is 32 SRAMS and one 4 to 16 decoder

13. suppose two persons entering into one room in the morning 5 to 6 A.M. what is the probability they will enter in 10 minutes gap.

14. In a binary tree what is the height and lowest no of levels for N nodes.

Ans: is highest is N and lowest is log(N+1) base 2

15.represent 3 and -3 in base -2 form taking two states (0,1) only

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