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Wipro Technologies Campus Recruitment Placement Paper, Andhra Pradesh: 2008

Wipro Placement Paper 2008

Paper Type : Whole Test Paper 
Test Location  : 
Sri Kottam Tulasi Reddy Memorial College Of Engg
Hai guys n gals,  My name is N. Sunil Kumar . I have been selected for wipro company. So I want to share my experience with u and also some guide lines to u. First I want to reveal u wipro recruitment process.
It consists of three rounds:
 Written exam
2.  Technical Round
3.  HR round
Written exam consists of 50 questions with 1 hr duration. 50 questions are divided in to 3 parts:
2.  Aptitude, reasoning and puzzles
3.  Technical
Wipro selection from written exam to technical includes sectional cut off 1. For verbal: 6 – 8
2 .For Aptitude, reasoning and puzzles: 6 – 8
3. For technical: 4 – 5 for non – it and 8 – 10 for CSE and IT students.
So, students getting prepare for wipro should concentrate on all 3 parts to clear your 1st round. Books For verbal
For reasoning, puzzles and Aptitude 1. Quantitative Aptitude by R.S. AGARWAL
2. verbal and non verbal reasoning by R.S. AGARWAL
3. General puzzles.
For technical:
For C: 
1. Exploring C by yashvanth kanetkar
2. test your C skills by yashvanth kanetkar
3. test your skills in C by S thamarai selvi ( TATA mc graw hill edition)
Mainly this round consist of questions from C, C++, UNIX, DBMS, CN, OS, JAVA, LINUX,DATA STRUCTURES compulsory and rarely MICRO PROCESSORS, STLD
Verbal 15 questions:
2 Questions from active and passive voice (be thorough in this, here it is easy to score but options will be confusing be careful)
5 Questions from comprehension passage
2 Questions meanings
2 Questions sentence completion
1 R 2 questions will be in the form of
In the following sentence one important punctuation-mark is missing select the suitable signs from the given alternatives. what a pity a)""  b)?  **c)!  d):
If u r GRE student it is easy to clear verbal if u r not also it is not so much tough read grammar which u have learned in school and rarely they will also ask antonyms and synonyms and analogies from GRE barrons same questions as it is. So please go through those also.
Coming to 2nd part
Here questions from aptitude will be mostly from 1. Problems on trains.
2. Series completion
3. Simple and compound intrest
4. Areas
5. Ages
6. Insert the missing character
And rarely from 1. Calendars,
2. Clocks
3. Chain rule
4. Time and work
5. Time and distance
6. Ratio and proportion
7. Averages
8. Permutations and combinations
9. Probability
And for reasoning go through r.s.agarwal
And questions mostly from 
1. Direction sense test
2. Coding – decoding
3. Blood realations
4. Number ranking & time sequence test
5. Cubes and dice
6. Insert the missing charcter
And for puzzles there are no general books those u can answer by just thinking once.
In general, 20 questions of technical 
C – 2 to 3questions
C++ -  2 to 3 questions
And remaining all 1 to 2 questions. If u are non it student its enough u prepare c perfectly. Perfection ness in C is achieved by reading EXPLORING C mentioned above and just have a basic concepts of all above. I have those if u want those material u mail to my mail id I will forward to u.
That’s it and once after getting through 1st round for technical For non IT students u should perfect in
1. C
3. C++ (basic definitions n concepts) why C++? Similar to that
4. OS
5. CN
Above subjects are compulsory for non IT students and in C and Data Structures u should also thorough in writing logics for programs.  Remember here while writing logics for programs he mainly check your confidence level. At that time u should not fear, be confident that u r saying correct.
And CSE students in their respective fields should perfect all.
And in HR round:
Here all general questions about your hobbies, tell me about your self, why wipro, here they check your confidence and your way of expression so be sure in that and never loose in HR round.
Those are the guide lines now, have my paper pattern:
In verbal I got
2 questions from active to passive
5 from comprehension passage
2 sentence completion
3 meanigs
2 sentence correction
In aptitude 1 form problems on trains
1 from insert the missing character
1 from series completion
1 from blood relations
5 questions from puzzles
And remaing reasoning
In technical I got 3 questions from C (questions as it is from exploring c)
1 from Micro processor
1 from CO
2 from C++
2 from UNIX
1 from 0S and remaining questions I don’t know because as I am from ECE I don’t to which subject those belong.
In my technical interview
First I was asked
He: Tell me about your self
Me: Said
He: What do you know in C
Me: Basics of C
He: Tell me about linked list for 2 minutes.
Me: Said
He: Linked list declaration
Me: Done
He: program for Fibonacci sequence’
Me: Done
He: Program on strings
Me: Done
He: Program on palindrome
Me: Done
He: Tell me about your paper presentation
Me: Said
He: What are main objectives?
Me: Said
He: Applications
Me: Said
He: About scheduling in os
Me: Said
He: Ok boss I have been satisfied and gave HR application
HR Round:
She: Tell me about your self
Me: Said
And  She asked many more questions and at last any questions I asked about six sigma standard of Wipro Company and that’s it she asked me to leave.
And my interview completed at evening 7.20 pm and results announced at 9.15pm my name was there and I am happy.

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