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Google Placement Paper January 2012 | Google Placement Paper 2012 With Answers | Google Interview Questions 2012 | Google Interview Questions 2012 With Answers

1. Two poles of height 7m and 12m stand on a play ground. If the distance between their feet is 12m,find the distance between their tops.

a. 12m
b. 13m
c. 11m
d. none

Ans. (b)

2. A vertical stick 10-cm long casts a shadow 6 cm long on the ground under similar conditions a tower casts a shadow 10m long determine the height of the tower to the 2nd place of the decimal.

a. 16.67m
b. 17.70m
c. 16.8m
d. none

Ans. (a)


3. rain : downpour : : joy :

a. happiness
b. triumph
c. ecstasy
d. laughter

Ans. (b)

4. niggardly : generous : : dolorous :
a. understandable
b. practical
c. happy
d. ostentatious

Ans. (d)

) EE-ROM is
a. electricity erasable
b. easily erasable
c. non erasable
d. effective erasable

Ans. (a)

5) Which device can sense inventory data specified in bar codes?

a. mouse
b. light pen
c. holographs
d. joysticks

6) What is the binary equivalent of decimal 269?

a. 100001100
b. 100001010
c. 101001011
d. 100001101

Ans. (c)

7 What will be the value of x and y after execution of the following statment ( C language)
n== 5; x = n++; y = --x;
a. 5,4
b. 6,5
c. 6,6
d. 5,5

Ans. (d)

8. Find the output for the following C program

{int x,j,k;
printf("%d", x);

9. Find the output for the following C program

fn f(x)
{ if(x<=0)
else f(x-1)+x;

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