Wednesday, September 14, 2011


This is Vijay Bhaskar. I got through INFOSYS interview last month 30th. It was my first attempt

and thank god I was selected. I am very thankful to all ChetanaS members and the creator

of this group. I prepare seriously only for 3 days. first study shakunt....(

then previous papers. Pls give importance to verbal also. I here by mail some of the qest...

1>2 taps emptying and 1 tap filling ,if all act tgether how much time will it take to fill

2>if ravi spent 1/3 of his age as child and so on was given and find his age

3>6 conditions were given and below 4 sets were given we have to idenyify suitable sets(8m)

4>onewatch looses 2min and one watch gains 1 min then when will they be exactly 1hr apart(4m)

5>question relating to who is who, manager clerk(8M)

I remember only these. I solved only 7 of them but see that ur approach is good. dont put ur ans

simply leave them blank. if u pass written 90% is over. interview will be cool.

All the best

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