Wednesday, September 14, 2011


1. My lecturer asked me to come to his home on friday when I went there he had some work and asked me to come on two days after the day before day after tommorrow when should I meet him?

Ans :- Monday

2. Me and my pal played a coin flipping game each bit wins $1. At last I earned $3 . how many games did we play .?

Ans :- 9

3. My sis was given with some choclates when I asked her how much she had got she replied "I gave half of what I got to mom and a half a bar more to dad and remaing half of choclates and a half a bar more to my dog at last I had 1 choclate which I gladly ate " How many choclates ?

Ans :- 7

4. A floor was spoiled there were three ppl and one of them did spoil it thier statements were :
A :- I did not do it
B :- C did it.
C :- B telling true .
One of them told the truth . Who did it ?

Ans :- A

5 . A ques from old paper with erica, mandy, charlie and grapes, apple, cherrie and banna, But the conditions were compltely changed this time so don mug ans any more ......

Ans :- I didnt do it

6. In one garden a rapid growing plant is planted in the center of the garden. It grows by doubling its size every day. It covers the whole garden in fifty days. How many will it take to cover the whole garden ?

Ans :- 49

7. Old ques with buyer, shop keeper, Floor walker, Mgr, Clark and cashier ppl are Morgan, ewing, clarke, davis, annie and bennet . find who's who ?
Conditions were changed in this tooo.

Here r some thing that i remember

Mrs.Annie and Mrs. Clarkeare sisters { dont get conf by this condition A and C are male }
Mr.davis and Clarke go to lunch at one time rest others go by other time
davis had nothing with Clarke when he repoted him with he mgr abt late coming from lunch
clark and cahier shared bachlor accommadation.

Ans : - Im not sure


a) 1,2,3,5,16,__
b) 1,2,3,8,__,224

9) This ques was difficult don even remember it very confusing .... sorry

10) A problem based on stamps like this a stmt was given i cant rember sorry again ...............

I gave erica half of what of she would have got if i kept 3 more than what i had given now"
I had two more than her
How much stamps ?

Ans :- 18 ( not sure )

English :- dont attened comprehension part first .

Write down the diff ques in the ans sheet u will hav time in eng test.

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